My thoughts, ideas and notes from 8 years as a front-end developer.

  1. Removing client-side JavaScript from Gatsby

    Using a Gatsby plugin to remove JavaScript resources from my static site.

  2. Local environment “ease of use” as a developer experience metric

    How long does it take a developer to make a change on your website?

  3. Using Zsh to build a productive developer terminal experience

    Using oh-my-zsh and the Starship theme to create a beautiful terminal environment.

  4. Modifying permalinks in Gatsby depending on content type

    Modifying the permalink structure of my website to fit my folder structure.

  5. Backing up your Cloudflare DNS records

    Using a command line tool to backup your Cloudflare DNS records.

  6. Building a website with React and Gatsby

    What I learnt from re-building an existing site using the React static site generator Gatsby.

  7. Optimising your site for those without JavaScript

    Continuing my goal of continue building websites that leverage progressive enhancement.

  8. Instant deploy tools to test your site

    Useful applications to quickly get your front-end code hosted with a shareable link.

  9. Hugo + webpack: ❤️

    Building super fast and maintainable static websites using the latest and greatest tools.

  10. Learn to love your build pipeline

    Setting up and creating a build pipeline can boost productivity and improve developer happiness.

  11. Improve your Mozilla Observatory score

    Using Mozilla's Observatory to improve the security of your website or application.

  12. Prettier JavaScript code with ESLint

    My new ESLint config for writing concise and tidy JavaScript code in the browser and server-side with Node.js.

  13. Backing up your Route 53 DNS records

    Using a command line tool to backup your Route 53 DNS records in time stamped folders.

  14. Free tools to quickly build your prototypes

    When an idea comes to mind, or when building a new product, I like to move quickly to get the project into the hands of customers to test.

  15. Using GitHub contribution graphs as motivation to code

    Using the little green contribution blocks on my GitHub profile as motivation to continue my education.

  16. Brew cask - installing apps quickly on macOS

    Utilise the power of Homebrew and cask to install most applications on a macOS machine with a single command from your terminal.

  17. Useful homebrew commands

    A collection of useful Homebrew commands for my own reference.

  18. Useful npm commands

    A collection of useful npm commands for my own reference.